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Imagine having a trusted go-to person for your needs, whether it's business or personal.

Varels is a company which provides a professional Virtual Executive Assistant service.

We concentrate on busy individuals, C-level executives, digital nomads, startups and small businesses across the globe, as well as on former top executives who used to work for Big Companies, but when they leave still need an Executive Assistant for their new projects and personal life.

At Varels we do not make any difference between professional and personal services. You can count on your virtual assistant to also help with things like online shopping and other personal tasks that you just don’t have time for each day.

Freedom for doing what you want most

What you Get

Experts in travel arrangements, calendar management, project research, social media, presentations and blog publishing and editing.
You can integrate your VA into your team. We adapt to your culture.
No Obligation Contract
We want and will work for a long term relation based on mutual benefit and respect, but there will never be yearly contracts or any bonds to pay for early cancellation.
Your personal assistant has a fully-equipped work station.
Our Clients

Some of the companies and entrepreneurs we work for


Who We Are

Matias Bergmann - Founder

Matias is a multicultural and multilingual (fluent in English, Spanish and German) professional with work experience in several countries, including Argentina, Spain and Switzerland.

He has a vast experience as an Executive Assistant and as a Social Media Manager. His background includes 20+ years having closely worked with CEO's and top executives of multinational companies and start ups and politicians, including 3 GLT's and 1 YGL at the World Economic Forum.

Matias offers a unique expertise in both Social Media and EA fields. But, most important, is that he delivers a great deal of professionalism, confidence, and respect.

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